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About Us


Mallory is a 27-year-old Wisconsin girl who graduated from UW Stout with a Bachelors in Art Education, including a minor in Graphic Design. She has worked with all age groups in the past, but would love to pursue her MFA and teach college level. She enjoys photography, dancing, cooking and video games. Mallory is currently employed as a high school art teacher in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Stephen is a 26-year-old South Carolina native who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelors in Film & Television, focusing in video editing. He enjoys design, cats, and reading up on the latest astronomical findings. In November 2009 he began StephenVlog, a daily video project that has earned him thousands of followers on YouTube. He now creates YouTube videos as his full-time job.

How We Met

Back in 2007, Mallory joined, a website devoted to an old Super Nintendo game called "Earthbound". It just so happens that 5 years prior, Stephen had become a member. There are thousands of members online, but somehow Mallory and Stephen found each other. They began chatting and Skyping on a daily basis.

In March 2008 it couldn't be held in any longer. Both admitted they had feelings for each other and for all intents and purposes began "e-dating". It wasn't the easiest thing to do, but if they could make it to June they'd be out of college for the summer and able to finally meet in person.

...and they made it. When June rolled around, Stephen and Mallory spent a week together in Wisconsin and finally proved to themselves it was all very real. They knew if the relationship was going to continue it'd need to be nurtured—they couldn't truly be together until college was over, and that was 3 years away. The 1,000 mile distance seemed much further when the length of time was so great.

Despite all this, they've pulled through. A few visits a year (combined with spending entire summers in South Carolina) has helped them survive until August 2011, when they could finally be together forever.